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Automotive trim industry

Automotive trim industry
ZHUOXING knife cutting machine has proposed one stop integrated cutting solution according to different cutting requirements and cutting materials in car trim industry.It suits the processing of foot mat, car seat, steering wheel cover, etc.

1.Flexibility: Based on the universal model, free combination cutting tools can be exchange in a quick and easy steps to meet dynamic markets demands. All these make it convenient for the clients.
2.Reliable: Controller can be connected to any computer or laptop. This can free you from computer down problem and guarantee cutting machine work as planned.
3.EMC/EMI (Electromagnetic interference):This guarantee little down time on electrical circuit generated from external source effect.
4.Steady: Integrated welding body, frame and mounting can make the equipment quite steady.  This can guarantee the cutting precision even after a long service time.
5.Feeding and handling system can be made automatically.
6.Multi-function tools: Oscillating cutting tool, driven rotary cutting tool, V-cutting tool, universal cutting tool, drawing tool, all these changes can be performed in a fast and easy way. Different cutting tools for different materials and demands.
Model ZX-1625V ZX-1830V ZX-1625VA
Working area 1600×2500mm 1800×3000mm 1600×2500mm
Operation properties continuous cutting with high efficiency, 7*24 with zero downtime
Safety device Infrared sensor; sensitive response; safe and reliable
Maxi cutting speed 1200mm/s
Translational velocity 1500mm/s
Applicable materials PVC, embroidery accessories, foam composite material, XPE, coiled mats, leather, silicone, rubber, truck tarpaulin, etc
Multifunctional head Oscillating cutting tool, drawing tool, etc.
Cutting thickness 0.1-110.0mm (subject to material)
Cutting tolerance ±0.1mm
Transmission interface Ethernet
Driven system Servo Motor + Linear rail + Pinion&Rack
Fixed mode Vacuum absorb
Supply voltage AC 110V 220V 380V±10%,50HZ
Rated power 11KW


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